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A special message about cockroach
hk_sky HK Street

The appearing of cockroach(s) triggers fear in many people’s hearts.

Cockroach usually appears in messy or dirty areas, the symbolic meaning of this is about your negative emotions.

Cockroach represents hatred, the hatred in your heart is covered up by many other negative emotions or hidden in confusing situations.

Killing the cockroach symbolically means vengefulness, our fear confused and convinced us to use violent way to revenge for the anger aroused.

To clear the hatred (cockroach), the easiest way is to clean and tidy up our living space.

It is because cleaning symbolically means clearing our minds.

If we have inner peace with us, we would not attact hatred or anger, then our outer environment would also be changed.

The solution is simple, and it is always about taking care of your own emotions and inner peace.

However, it is still your choice to do it or not.

It is not a dream if we choose to live in a hatred and anger free world!

It is always up to you!
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